It is the beach located beneath the pine forest of Argostoli. Maistrato is also the fishing shelter for the capital of Kefalonia, as there is here marina that accommodates except fishing boats and small cruisers. Just next to this, there is the large pier for mooring cruise ships visiting the city and the image of Maistrato is impressive.

The beach is small and sandy, with dense sand and gray. The waters are clear and shallow, while because of the very short distance from the center of Argostoli, is usually crowded. Families with small children and elderly people, who enjoy swimming, are the most frequent in Maistrato, while passengers from cruise ships prefer it for a short swim. Although, it is not an organized beach, it has showers at the beginning of the marina.

The small grove of pines over Maistrato offer shade to the swimmers that especially in the morning and at noon does not need to care by them about it.


Maistrato at a glance:


• Gray sand


• Shallow waters


• Very close to Argostoli


• Next to the pier for cruise ships


• Unorganized – has shower


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