Makris Gialos

Makris Gialos is the most popular beach of Kefalonia. It is located just 3 km from Argostoli  and with Platis Gialos , located right next, are the most preferred destinations for swimming for the inhabitants of Argostoli, play with the waves, sunbathing, but … also partying at famous beach bars! Makris Gialos is a very long beach, while Platis  in width! Geographically, Makris Gialos belongs in Lassi, the suburb of the capital city with green, large, rich homes and restaurants.

Makris Gialos is a sandy beach, with golden yellow sand. Although, there is no way to find it without people – even the winter swimmers come in Makris Gialos – the waters are always crystal clear. Blue, clear – a rare thing for sandy beaches with sandy bottom – and shallow, promote the game with sea and wave for children … and older “kids”!

In Makris Gialos, you will find, besides the beach bars that feature everything, parasols, water sports and a lifeguard. The beach is surrounded by high pine trees that hide it from the street, though it is very large in size. Under these trees, in specially designated areas, you can park your car and go down to the beach by a short concrete alley.

Makris Gialos at a glance:

• Sandy

• Sun beds

• Parasols

• Lifeguard

• Shallow waters

• Water sports

• Beach Bar

• Access by car

• Next to Argostoli

• Crowded, cosmopolitan beach


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