Megali Petra

One of the beaches you will encounter on the south coast of Kefalonia, is the beach of Megali Petra, which is actually an extension of the largest and most well known beach of Kefalonia, Avythos.

It is sandy, with crystal clear blue waters and spectacular cliffs that create striking formations: the very same Megali Petra got its name from the large rock located at its end.

Its waters are clear, clean and they deepen smoothly and all these turn the Megali Ammos into an ideal beach for young children, as there can enjoy playing with the sand and sea.

Along the Megali Ammos beach will not find anything organized, as the beach is access-free. Its proximity to the Avythos beach allows bathers to visit the canteen there, but it is advisable to already have everything you consider necessary with you.

It is also possible to encounter nudists at Megali Petra, who choose it due to its isolation that is offered by the rocks which surround it.

The Megali Petra Beach at a glance:

• Sandy and rocky

• Can be accessed by car

• Free

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