Avythos Beach

The Avythos beach in Kefalonia is located in the southern part of the island, near Svoronata, one of the villages of the Livatho province. If you ask the locals, who know the island better than anyone, nine at ten will answer you that Avythos beach belongs to the most beautiful beaches of the island of Kefalonia. Given the fact that the beaches of the island are often found on the lists giving the best beaches in the world, the conclusion for Avythos beach is that you should definitely include it in your debouchments to Kefalonia.

Golden sands, crystal blue waters and a lush green landscape consist the scenery, while from Avythos beach you will contemplate the Ionian Sea, between Kefalonia and Zakynthos but also the small island Zeus with the Virgin Mary the Diotissa. Avythos beach is fully organized with sun loungers, parasols, a lifeguard and a canteen, where you can buy the necessities. The water deepens smoothly and it is even considered shallow, despite its name, which predisposes to countless depths! The rocks that are scattered in the water, but also on the coast, give a special touch to the landscape, while they effectively divide Avythos from Megali Petra, the natural extension of the coast.

You will reach Avythos beach through a paved road that runs through the lush greenery of Kefalonia. Although they have the same name, it has nothing to do with the lake Avythos, the beautiful, unique, natural lake of Kefalonia, located in the northeast.


The Avythos Beach at a glance:


• Organized

• Can be accessed by car

• Sandy

• Canteen

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