Sixteen are just the residents in the village Mitakata, just outside of Argostoli, in central Kefalonia. Its houses are built at an altitude of 249 meters above sea level, near the road that connects the capital of Kefalonia with Poros, the port located in the southeast of the island.

From Mitakata, you will visit the Monastery of St. Gerasimos, located about a quarter of time distance. This is the most important monastery of Kefalonia in the 16th century by the same patron saint of the island. In the monastery, you can see the relic, the wells is said that he opened with his hands, but the Tree of the Saint.

Near the villages Mitakata, are situated the villages Troiannata, Perratata, Mazarakata and the Castle of St. George, which was the medieval capital of Kefalonia. Even today, you can see the walls and gates built by the Venetians, and the Church of the Annunciation.

Outside of the village, on the main road, you will see the bus stop of Mitakata, stone and impressive, but … incomplete, since it has not roof!



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