Munda beach is located in the southern part of Kefalonia, near the village Ratzakli and is essentially an extension to the east largest beach Kaminia.

It is sandy, with fine golden sand and crystal clear waters and beautiful natural landscape. It overlooks to the northern coast of the island and as it is located on the edge of the long beach in Kaminia, is quieter, leading many to believe that Munda is ideal for nudism.

What makes Munda special though is that it is one of the places of Kefalonia preferred by the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta to lay its eggs. Special markings on the sand warn the swimmers to be cautious, especially while in the appropriate times, the more fortunate have the opportunity to see the eggs in the sand or small turtles running in water!

At Munda, to the beginning of the beach Kaminia, the visitors can find cafes and restaurants that serve every need.

Munda at a glance:

• Sandy

• Access by car

• Place of reproduction for the turtle Caretta – Caretta

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