In a 15 kilometers distance from the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli, is located the beach of Paliolinos. It is one of the beaches of Livatho, the province that covers the south coast of Kefalonia, almost up to Poros.

The area that Paliolinos beach is located it is called Klismata, it is greenish and the sea has a beautiful turquoise color, the characteristic of the Ionian Sea.

The big rocks give a special color to Paliolinos and they turn it into a unique beach: among the rocks, along the coast, small, full of pebbles “private” beaches are formed for those who prefer their isolation to enjoy the sun and the sea.

The rocks make the seabed in Paliolinos ideal for mask-observation but also for fishing, as a great diversity is created, where many marine species found shelter: sea urchins, octopuses and small fishes.

The Paliolinos Beach at a glance

• Rocky

• Easy access

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