Paliouras is a small creek on the road between the port of Sami and Antisamos, the largest and most popular beaches in the area. On the beach, the environment looks like Antisamos: green reaches to the sea, mainly oaks, white pebbles and crystal clear, turquoise waters that reflect the nature. The main difference between the two shores on this side of Sami, except of course the size, is that the significantly smaller Paliouras is the ideal place for those who want privacy.

The beach is unorganized, without parasols and sun beds, but in the morning and afternoon, Paliouras has some natural shade. As the road reaches almost to the sea, is not tired to carry with you the necessary to spend a day at the beach.Also, Paliouras is preferred by those who wish to combine swimming with fishing, as its rocks are offered to throw your fishing line, while is frequent to be the coast the anchorage of local fishermen.

To reach to Paliouras, you should turn left shortly after Sami, on the road to Antisamos.

Paliouras at a glance:

• Pebble

• Deep Waters

• Fishing

• Unorganized

• Access by car



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