Platia Ammos

To get to Platia Ammos in Palliki, you will need to descend about 400 steps – some say they are even more! It is more than likely though that you would shout “worth it “, just dive into the blue waters. It is considered one of the best beaches of Kefalonia and to find it you should follow the detour – short dirt road – to the lighthouse Gero – Gompros, the road that connects the villages Havriata and Chavdata. Nearby, is the Monastery Kipouraion, one of the most impressive monasteries of the island.

The water is blue and clear, as you swim you can see the sea bottom, even if it is thirty meters below. Platia Ammos is located in the depth of a bay, with cliffs to make wild and imposing the landscape. Small and large white pebbles form it, while in some places are so small that they look like sand. The serenity that prevails complement the scenery and make clear that the Platia Ammos is adressed at a select and few, who are ready to respect and enjoy the absolute tranquility – mobile not have sign here!

Platia Ammos is certainly unorganized beach and the cliffs offer no shade, only early in the morning, before the sun even rises and rising from the other side of Kefalonia. Since, you obviously would not prefer to climb the 400 stairs in the hot sun, relax and enjoy by the wave, one of the most beautiful sunsets in Kefalonia!

Platia Ammos at a glance:

• Small pebble

• Unorganized

• Access by car and 400 steps!

• Isolated

• Impressive landscape


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