Seaside town in the south-eastern part of Kefalonia (former municipality Elios – Proni), Poros is one of the major ports of the island, with the daily, frequent connection with Kyllini of Peloponnese. The green mountain’s slope leads to the blue waters of the Ionian Sea, and the houses of Poros are built like an amphitheater, harmoniously integrated into the natural landscape.

Historically, Poros was the port of the ancient city-state of Proni, which flourished during the archaic period. Archaeological discoveries of the time, you will have the opportunity to admire during your stay in the area. The historical Monastery Atros is also located here, it is estimated that was founded in the 8th century AD.

The beach of Poros is stretching for about two kilometers. Small creeks create a sense of isolation and allow you to swim in the Ionian waters sheltered from any weather. Near Poros lies the expansive beach of Skala , of the homonymous village.

The tourist development of the region, especially in recent years is exponential: modern hotels, but also smaller accommodation for every favor, restaurants, taverns and cafes along the beach, are filled each year from visitors, who want to enjoy the nature of Kefalonia.

Poros is 45 km from Argostoli and 24 km from Sami.



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