Pyrgi is situated in Sami, in the northeast Kefalonia and is one of the most mountainous and largest villages. Pyrgi compose essentially three settlements, Digaleto, Charakti and Tsakarisiano, located at a short distance among them distance. Digaleto is in fact, from villages had been destroyed by the earthquake of ’53 in Kefalonia and its inhabitants rebuilt it from the beginning to the point it is today and is largely Pyrgi. With the settlement Charakti, have essentially are now united and spatially.

Pyrgi is built at the foot of Enos, surrounded by nature, with green trees all around. The dark mountain fir, the fir from Kefalonia, creates a unique landscape. It is one of the few places in Kefalonia that the view to the sea comes in second place, and here is dominated by green. It is located on the main road that connects Sami to Poros, on the southeastern tip of the island. Near to Pyrgi, you can visit the Lake Avythos, one of the most impressive landscapes of Kefalonia.

Pyrgi currently has 365 residents, according to 2011 census and is situated at an altitude of 542 meters above sea level. Every summer, many events are organized here, with the famous festival of the Assumption stealing the impressions.

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