It is the only lake in Kefalonia, Avythos, located in the southeastern part of the island, near the village of Agios Nikolaos , in the Province of Poros .

Previously, it was believed that the lake was so deep that no one could find its bottom – so it took the name “Avythos”. It is also known locally as “Akoli” for the same reason! As nobody tried or even one fails to successfully measure the depth of Avythos, there were created thousands of local beliefs and stories about the mystery of the lake…

Until, someone got it seriously and decided to unravel the mystery…

He threw in the waters of Avythos an iron, tied in rope. The results dispelled the illusions: only 11 feet depth! The landscape is unique anyway. Green nature, proud cypress behind the mountain, will fascinate you! Unfortunately, the lake in Avythos is fenced; the visitor cannot reach to its shore or swim in the blue waters, as used for the water supply of the region.

The scientists, however, have confirmed that the waters of Lake Avythos communicate underground with thewaters that come from other areas of the island, such as Katavothres  of Argostoli  and Melissani  – connecting it with another, larger mystery of natural and geological phenomena of Kefalonia!


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