You cannot pass from Kefalonia without tasting a glass of the famous local wine, Robola! White wine with special lemon color, acidity in the flavor and aroma of citrus fruits, usually is consumed two years after its production.

The Robola of Kefalonia is a white wine with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), produced exclusively in Kefalonia, mainly in a zone Appellation of Origin of High Quality, called also “Robola of Kefalonia”.

This is an area of ​​approximately 3,500 acres on the plateau of Omalos, in the slope of Enos , near the Monastery of St. Gerasimos, where resides the Agricultural Cooperative of Producers of Robola. In this point, in fact, is the winery cooperative that you can visit and learn about the way of production and bottling, and also buy an excellent wine!

The word “robola” perhaps comes from the “Diamond” and “reverie”, in which the ancient Greeks attributed qualities such as the drunkenness. The grape of robola is fawn with round sink and thrives on stony ground: this is the reason that the Venetians conquerors of Kefalonia called it the «Vino di Sasso», i.e. “The Wine of Stone”.

Do not hesitate to accompany the Robola with fish and of course the traditional “aliada” of Kefalonia, cod with garlic sauce. Beware though, because the wine is a senior, easy to drink and can lead to uncontrollable situations… without get wind of!


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