Built at an altitude of 455 meters, Vari is one of the most mountainous villages of Kefalonia. It is located at Erissos, in the northwestern edge of Kefalonia, consisting of about thirty small villages. The best known is certainly Fiskardo, destination for the international jet set – and the slightly quieter, also coastal and picturesque, Assos, with its spectacular peninsula and its Venetian Castle.

Vari has 52 residents and its homes stand out from their red roofs in the green hillside. The endless view to the Ionian is one of the reasons that will make you visit it.

Do not miss, even in your ride as here, stopping to admire the temple founder of St. John Chrysostom, from the family Papanelopoulos, from which survives as today the built iconostasis and the Saint Step. Note the peculiarity of the temple, which is hagiographies almost perfectly with frescoes, which took place around 1755, according to an inscription on the north side .



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