The village Vounion or Vouni lies on the southwest Kefalonia, in the south of the peninsula Palliki and counts 158 permanent inhabitants. It is from Lixouri, the second largest city on the island, seven kilometers.

Vouni is known for its production of salt that was realized systematically here until the 1970s or so and was the main supplier of grocery stores in the city and the whole of Kefalonia. The procedure was specific and was realized through the village’s community. There, had to submit the request for production of salt and then the person concerned, and then had given to him by the community of Vouni, a part of the coast of Akrotiri. This coast is rocky and there indeed are formed natural basins, limpes for the locals.

In limpes, after a series of actions by the locals that were ongoing art that attaches to the fullest, each family could collect from Vouni up to 400 kilos afrala in a season, thus enriching its revenues. Afrala is said first salt that is dried by the sun, usually is produced in August and is famous for its tastiness.

Nowadays, this occupation has disappeared completely and now the techniques of collecting salt belong to the folklore ofVouni.



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