Arcadian Gate

The Arcadian Gate is an impressive monument, a symbol of power and example of high fortification technique. It consists one of the two gates on Ancient Messini and part of the fortifications of the ancient city. It is very well preserved and is the most attractive point of the city. It is located to the north of the archeological site at the merging point of the roads to the villages Petralona Mavrommati Neochori and Zermpisia.

The Arcadian Gate is a monumental construction, built with large limestone rectangular stones and that is why, it inspires awe to the visitors. It is circular and spacious, with two entrances (a dual internal and external). The internal entrance led to a paved road towards City Market and the external to the road, which ended at the capital of Arcadia, Megalopolis. There are two square protective towers- to the right and left of the external entrance of the Arcadian Gate – communicating with the main construction of the gate, which has circular plan view.

Hermaic columns were erected in the internal circular space of the Arcadian Gate as the god Hermes protected the gates. These columns were also described by Pausanias. There is an inscription over the northern niche of Hermes: “Κόιντος Πλώτιος Ευφημίων “. A cluster of funerary monuments was recently discovered outside the Arcadian Gate and it was used during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th century. A.D. for the burial of the noble families of the city.

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