Neochori is a small, picturesque village in the south of Lefkimmi  at a distance of 5 kilometers. Neochori, as well as the rest of the small villages of the inland in the south, is located in a verdant environment amongst vast vegetation and dense olive groves. It is believed that the village was built in the beginning of the 15th century from the families of Epiriots, Cretans and Peloponnesians. Older names of the village were Bortzeli, Egniochori and Vouniochori.

In the village dominates the church of Agia Triada, which is said to have been built from the first settlers and today stands renovated, beautiful and imposing. Next to the church you will see the well-maintained edifice of the cultural club of the village where, a library is available. The houses in Neochori are traditional, rustic and well-maintained.

In Neochori there are two traditional coffee shops, mini markets and convenience stores. The village also has a football field and a basketball court, as well as a modern playground.

Do not forget to go sightseeing in the rest of the small villages of the region, such as Kritika, Palaiochori, Dragotina  and finally Spartera, which is built on the highest hill of the region, offering a beautiful view.

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