Bridge of Agios Polycarpos (Lagou Hani)

Τhe Bridge with six arcs of Agios Polycarpos is just before the village Nedousa in western Taygetos of Messini in the region “Lagou Hani”. It was  built in 1901, as evidenced by a marble plate on the west side, made by the engineer Masouridis. In the edges of the bridge of Agios Polycarpos the travelers take a rest when they come from the path that connects the monastery of Oak to the north of Kalamata, with the villages of Nedousa, Alagonia and Artemisia.

The Bridge with six arcs of Agios Polycarpos passing over the river Nedontas was built by the renowned stonecutters from Langadi of Gortynia. The length of the bridge exceeds forty meters ( 40.30 meters ) and it has six semicircular arches of the same size , with openings of around five meters because of the width of the riverbed of Nedontas.

The Bridge of Agios Polycarpos took its name by the church nearby and is in good condition except for some stones missing from the parapets.

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