Cave of Lycurgus

Τhe famous “Hole” or the Cave of Lycurgus is in the area of Doloi in Messinian Mani, above the church of Agios Nicolaos. The location is breathtaking inside the property of Lycurgus Gaitanaros, who donated it to the former community. That’s why the Cave took the name Cave of Lycurgus.

The corridors in the Cave of Lycurgus exceed 300 meters. It has length of 1,000 sq.m. The entrance to the Cave of Lycurgus is a ​​hole in the ground and then there is a  natural vertical well of 25m. and the descent requires speleological knowledge and proper equipment.

The Cave of Lycurgus has three floors-levels, adorned with colorful impressive stone clusters. There are stalactites on the ceilings, which create a forest of clusters and columns. The decoration of Cave of Lycurgus is excellent with the famous “eliktites” – transparent small stalactites – that defy the laws of gravity and go to all directions.

The first scientific investigations in the Cave of Lycurgus took place ​​in 1980 by the Speleological Society and the famous speleologist Anna Petrocheilou.

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