Cave of Nestor

Above the beach of Voidokoilia, in Messinia, on the rock that Palaiocastro is also built, you will see a quite visible cave. This is the mythical Cave of Nestor, an Homeric herowho was the son of Neleus.

This is a spacious cavern with 20Ch16m dimensions and a height of up to 30 meters, with majestic walls and an almost triangular entrace. It has been identified with the legendary cave where the newborn god Hermes concealed the herd that he stole from the Sun-Apollo, but also with the cave where the flocks of Neleids and especially Nileas stayed a whole night. The cave was mentioned by Pausanias (D.36, 2).

Henry Schliemann brought to light some findings of the period of Nestor, who testify the existence of life since those early years. Inside the Cave of Nestor, stalactites are visible.

The access to the Cave of Nestor is relatively easy, as it is located right at the foot of the wall of Palaiocastro. You can go up the dune at the end of the beach Voidokoilia, then follow the uphill plateau and you will find yourself in front of the Cave of Nestor, from where the view is simply unique.

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