At the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese lies this charming village, Iamia of Messinia. It is located very close to Koroni and even closer to Finikouda. It has 136 residents that are engaged in the cultivation of olives, raisins and livestock. The residents of Iamia come from Arcadia, from where they moved in recent years.

The name of the village is ancient, but it has not been related with findings of some ancient city of Messinia. Only recently, the revelations of Mycenaean tombs, but also other findings at Vigla in Kaplani, probably give an explanation and solve the mystery of ancient Iamia. This village was formerly called Tzaizi, but without knowing where this name came from.

The nearest villages to Iamia are Kaplani, Akritochori and Chrysokellaria with its homonymous Monastery. It is 10 kilometers from Koroni, 8 kilometers from Finikouda and 19 kilometers from Methoni. The nearest beach is this of Loutsa, within 7 kilometers.

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