Krya Vrysi

Krya Vrysi is located in the prefecture of Rethymno, 41 km far from the city of Rethymno and 14 km from the village of Spili and almost 12 km from Agia Galini. Near the village there are the beaches of Triopetra and Agios Pavlos.

Built at the southern foot of Mount Kedros, at an altitude of 520 meters above the sea level, the village of Krya Vrysi lies, from where a part of the Libyan Sea is visible all the way till Gavdos.

The name of the village refers to a spring of water, located on the southern side of the settlement. The village of Krya Vrysi is rocky with strong northern winds during the summer months and consists of two villages, Pano (Old) Krya Vrysi and Kato (New) Krya Vrysi that is located about 1 kilometer south of the first.

It is not known when Krya Vrysi had been first inhabited, but probably it was during the Venetian period. Also, the area was never inhabited by foreign conquerors.

During the revolutions of 1866-1869 and 1878 Krya Vrysi participated with its “Kryovrysano bairaki”, while after the war of ’40 and during the German occupation, the villagers took part in the resistance by treating foreign soldiers, giving refuge to the rebels and participating in information handling network.

Today, the residents of Krya Vrysi are mostly engaged in livestock breeding and olive trees cultivation, trying to maintain their traditions intact.

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