The busiest beach of Syros is this of Agathopes located approximately 14 km from Ermoupoli but very close (1 km) in Posidonia and the Phoenix.

Organized beach with golden sands and shallow waters, Agathopes stand out for the narrow strip of land that enters in the sea and for the lilies that bloom along the period of summer.

Opposite Agathopes is both islet Strogulo and uninhabited Schinonissi while in the edge of the bay located cape Viglostasi dominated by the lighthouse.

If, indeed, find Agathopes in spring and you’re lucky it’s not impossible to come in contact with Monachus-Monachus that select the welcoming sandy beach to lay.

At Agathopes, the visitor will find all those infrastructures (cafes, restaurants, shops) that will allow him to spend all day in the area and to combine the dip in the sea with a beautiful meal.

The access in Agathopes is done either by taxi or private vehicle or the bus for Posidonia and Phoenix that stop relatively close to the beach.

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