Catholic Cemetery

The Catholic Cemetery of Ermoupoli in Syros located on St. George Street, just north of the orthodox, next to the Church of the Archangels. The oldest section is located at the highest point in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Carmel, a small simple church that was renovated in 1851.

In the Catholic Cemetery there are quite remarkable funerary monuments including the family tomb John Dellasoudas, with Ionic columns and lecythus but also the family tomb of Joseph A. Salachas, which has a small sarcophagus.

Among the funerary monuments that can be admired with a walk in the Catholic Cemetery is a kneeling angel and large, a work of the sculptor Lazarus Fitalia. This is the tomb of Marija Salachas – Giustiniani, since 1862, even bearing the signature of the sculptor before the Hellenization of his name: “L. Vitaly licked”.

Among the many other monuments that the visitor can see at the Catholic Cemetery are:

• Tombstone from the consul of France in Syra, Pierre Alis Augustin Guerin (1798 – 1857).

• The oldest tombstone in the Catholic cemetery in the grave of Teresa Carbone, 1857.

• The family tomb Ant. Brindisis, with embossed sheet of paper that reminds the profession of known printer.

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