Orthodox Cemetery

The Orthodox Cemetery in Ermoupolis is inaugurated in 1834. The oldest section lies south of the grounds of the church of St. George, and includes two categories of graves, simple and monumental.

The first, with its marble gravestones in parallel, are the graves of early settlers, but to with its reuse the older inscriptions have been replaced or coexist with more recent.

The new themed decoration has prevailed after 1870, the burial monuments of the Orthodox cemetery. These are dated from about 1860 and are located in a separate area to the south of the previous section. The decoration is generally simple. In a few cases, the embossed jewelry shows paraphernalia or symbols of art of the deceased (anchors, boats). All monuments in Orthodox Cemetery have their own character and beauty.

The funerary monuments in Orthodox Cemetery are a miraculous and rare set of sculptural and architectural works, which follow the principles of classicism. The most dominant types are the temples, sarcophagi and tombstones, according to the ancient Greek and Roman models, while the death is usually represented with delightful forms of angels.

The most important monuments in Orthodox Cemetery are:

• Sarcophagus of 1858, in the tomb Vladimir John Antoniadis, a child of three years from Egypt, where epigrams and performances recount relatively.

• Tomb – chapel of Anastasios Apostolidis, 1869, with angel statue, the Tinian sculptor K. Marmarinos.

• Tomb of Hydra fighter and Master Andrea Kosma with headstone and decoration, dominated a kneeling angel.

• Tomb – chapel of St. John Proios of 1857.

• Mausoleum Catherine Sk. Mavrokordatos, patterned Rep. Eleftheriadis, 1902.

• In the tomb – chapel of Elpidoforos Ladopoulos dominates an angel with closed wings, by G. Vitalis, 1894.

• Sarcophagus in the tomb D. Vafiadakis.

• Tomb – chapel Emmanuel K. Tsiropinas with iron, ornate door.

• Tomb of merchant from Chios, PA Avgerinos, sarcophagus with winged angel.

• Obelisk -Tomb Emmanuel G. Psychas, 1888 with embossed flame on top.

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