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Chania is a fairly large county, with countless beauties, not only on the coastline, but also inland. Whatever starting point you choose for your tour of the beauties of Crete – the city of Chania, or a resort, such as Platanias, Georgioupolis, Paleochora, or even one of the traditional villages, Vamos, Kantanos, beautiful Sfakia, – do not let the location restrict your movements and learn all the secrets of Chania and all its beauties.

The road network will take you everywhere, since in its most part it is paved, and perhaps only in some of the most remote beaches you will encounter a dirt road. Driving carefully during your transportation, you can go from one end of the county to the other, in less than two hours, on average. For example, from Chania to Elafonisi, one of the most famous beaches in Greece, you will need to drive for about one and a half to two hours (73 km.) – the same time you will need to get to the beautiful Balos (52 km.), with the difference being that there the last part of the route is unpaved. You will need about one and a half hour to reach Sfakia (72 km.), the same for Paleochora (71 km.), on the southwestern tip of Chania.

However, if you do not have your own car and do not want to rent one, then you can use for your transportation the KTEL (interurban bus service) network, the public bus of Chania and surroundings areas, and of course taxis.

  •      The itineraries of the public bus in Chania are numerous and frequent and they mainly start from the Market Square and the Square 1866. From square 1866 there are itineraries to Agii Apostoli, Glaro, Kalamaki (Panorama), Daratsos and Galatas, while from the Market Square the public bus goes to Souda Port, the tombs of Venizeli and the TUC. The bus stop for the Hospital of Chania is on Zymbrakakis Street, near the interburban bus (KTEL). With the public bus  visitors can also reach Perivolia, Kounoupidiana, Nea Chora, Tsikalaria, Mournies and the region of Nerokourou.

Public Bus

Tel .: 28210.93.345, 28210.98.115

  •      The KTEL bus of Chania will serve most of your transportation to villages and places of interest of the county. There is a “common” network of KTEL buses between Chania and Rethymnon, the two regions of western Crete, and through them there is access from other parts of the island, such as Heraklion and Lasithi. The central station is located in Chania, on Kydonia Street. From there you can reach Kasteli, Paleochora, Elafonisi, Sougia and Agia Irini Gorge, Sfakia, Kolympari, Kares, Palia Roumata, Georgioupolis, Kournas, Vamos, the beach of Almyrida, Kalyves and many more villages of Chania. There are frequent itineraries that connect the city with the port of Souda and Chania Airport.

See in detail all the KTEL bus itineraries here.

Central Bus Station:

KTEL of Chania – Rethymno S.A.

Cydonia & Parth. Kelaidi

Chania 73100

[email protected]

Information: 2821/093052

Warehouse: 2821/097497

Tickets: 2821/093306

  •      If again you do not want to disturb your peace and quiet, then the best way for your transportation is by taxi. By hiring a taxi you can reach not only all parts of the city and its surroundings, but also every corner of the county, and the whole of Crete. Taxis in the city of Chania are blue and the charges rates depend on the length of the route per kilometer.

Some indicative taxi rides:

– From Chania airport:
Chania 18-20 €
Platanias 30 €
Castelli 50 €
Falasarna 65 €
Elafonisi 75-80 €
Paleochora 75-80 €
Sougia 80 €
Vamos 40 €
Georgioupolis 45 €
Sfakia 80 €

– From the port of Souda
Chania 10 €
Platanias 15 €
Castelli 35-40 €
Falasarna 55-60 €
Elafonisi 75-80 €
Paleochora 75-80 €
Sougia 80 €
Vamos 25 €
Georgioupolis 30 €
Sfakia 70 €

The main taxi stands are located in Chania:

On 1866 square (24)
At El. Venizelou street, next to the Municipal Market
At P. Kelaidi street (Side Entrance to KTEL Bus)
At Tzanakaki street (next to the National Bank)

The extra taxi charges are:

Airport 2,30 €
Call appointments 2,80 €
Normal call radio taxi 1,70 €

  • Intercity buses (KTEL)

    With the intercity buses of Chania, you can move easily and quickly to all points of interest of the prefecture.

  • Public Bus

    With the public bus, the visitors of Chania can tour through the city and the suburbs, and cover many of the region's attractions.

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