Agiannis or Ai Giannis

Agiannis or Ai Giannis in Gavdos is such a unique landscape, that you will not find any similar anywhere else in Greece … It is a vast area of sand with cedars, sand hills and blue wavy sea…

Words are not enough to express the feelings of the visitor who sees the magic of nature, in Gavdos, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, between Europe and Africa …

When you look at the beach you think you see an African landscape. Agiannis is the beach of Gavdos which has been declared as the second best in the world by the Discovery Channel.

Its value is also environmental, as the cedar forest that grows in the sand is protected. The respect for the environment is taken for granted by the hundreds of campers you meet there.

Most people, who choose this beach for camping, enjoy the scenery but also their nakedness, as Agiannis is a point of reference for nudists.

You will reach the village by bus from the port. It will leave you on the paved road and there you will find what you need since there are some taverns, mini markets and cafes with everything necessary, as well as rooms to rent.

Then you have to walk for about 15 minutes on the hot sand, climbing and descending the hill sands until you see the exotic beach in front of you.

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