Agios Haralambos

Next to Amoudi beach in Sfakia lies the beach of Agios Haralambos. It was named after the small cavernous chapel that was built into the rocks and was dedicated to Agios Haralambos. People from Sfakia particularly honor this chapel, built there at the edge of the city to protect the people from the plague.

The beach of Agios Haralambos is pebbled with crystal clear waters, surrounded by rocks, and there you will find umbrellas and sun beds and a small canteen for the necessities.

You can reach Agios Haralambos via a dirt road, or walking from Amoudi. You can also get to the other beaches in the area after walking for a short distance, two to three minutes, on the coastal road.

These small bays, along with the beach of Filaki, are actually the only “official”  nudists’ beaches on Crete.

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