Sfakiano Ammoudi

Sfakiano Ammoudi is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sfakia and is one of the “official” beaches for nudists in Crete . It is located near the hotel of nudists “Vritomartis” 1,5 kilometer at east of the country and 75 km away from the city of Chania.

You can go to the beach of Sfakiano Ammoudi , which is not organized, by a dirt road or on foot from the town. Since the road is very rocky, it is better to cross the last few meters on foot and not by a vehicle.

In Sfakiano Ammoudi you will not find sand on the coast but fine pebbles and crystal clear waters, the most lucid of all the beaches in Chora.

On the left and right of the beach there is a steep rock creating caves and steep limestone conglomerates in the region.

The most impressive of all the geological formations of the area is the Cave of the Seal. It is a cave at west of Sfakiano Ammoudi, which in its deepest point creates a ‘beach’ into the earth and has a second exit to the sea.

This cave is the biotope of the Mediterranean seal Monachus monachus and it is not unlikely to find them there.

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