Amigdalokefali is a village in Chania, located at the foothills of Koutroulis Mountain, at an altitude of 460 meters above sea level. The village is built 26 km from Kissamos and 68 km from Chania.

The few residents of the village – who are less than 20 – are occupied in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and beekeeping. If you ever find yourself at Amigdalokefali do not forget to travel from the village to the beach, where there is a fishing shelter.

The hiking paths that you can also follow to navigate in the region are two. The first –which is 4 km long- starts from Amigdalokefali and reaches Kefali and the second –which is 6km long- starts from Amigdalokefali and reaches Keramoti and Kambos.

Amigdalokefali is located near the traditional village of Agios Mironas and the caves of Agios Mamas and Agios Miron. In the village you will find rooms to stay, a restaurant, a grocery shopping and of course traditional cafes.

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