Keramoti is a large beach with pebbles and stones, almost unknown to visitors, since only local residents of the homonymous village prefer it. Keramoti beach is right in front of the village, 75 kilometers southwest of Chania and 36 km south of Kissamos.

In Keramoti you will not find tourist infrastructure, so it is a good choice for those seeking tranquility.

On the beach of Keramoti there is a clump of reeds next to which frozen fresh water runs continuously, springing from the surrounding mountains. The water is cold and the sea has significantly lower temperature than the surrounding areas.

You can get to the beach by car. But the road leading to the village Keramoti – where you will find taverns and rooms – is not good. Before arriving on the coast you should be fully equipped since the beach of Keramoti is not organized.

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