Anopoli is one of the mountainous villages, pertaining to the municipality of Sfakia and situated on the foothills of the White Mountains (or equally known as Lefka Ori) of Crete. Anopoli is located at an altitude of 600 meters and is the only inhabited village in the area. While traveling from Chora to Anopoli (the distance is 11 km), visitors have the opportunity to enjoy from high above the view of the cliffs.

The inhabitants of this village are mainly occupied in animal husbandry. At Anopoli visitors can find rooms for accommodation and taverns. In the central square of Anopoli you can taste traditional dishes, nuts and raki, the traditional Cretan drink.

There is a road starting from the neighborhoods of Anopoli and heading to the hill of Agia Ekaterini, where visitors can enjoy the stunning sceneries and the unique view of the Libyan Sea and the coastal village of Loutro.

The remains of the ancient town of Anopoli that constitute parts of the cyclopean walls that back in history used to surround the city, are still extant, mostly on the northern slope of the hill. The road from Anopoli that ascends to the White Mountains (or also known as Lefka Ori) is basically a dirt road.

Following this dirt road, visitors can reach the abandoned village of Mouri or simply move forward to the heart of the White Mountains (if the weather conditions allow you to do so, because of the fact that the snow remains on the Mountains even until the summer season).

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