Drapanias is located 35 km west of Chania, four kilometers before arriving at Kastelli in Kissamos. It is a prosperous village which is located only one kilometer away from the sea and has still the tower that was constructed by the Ottomans, preserved at a very good condition.

Nothing can compare to the unique and wonderful landscape of the valley and the bay of Kissamos, which you can admire from the hill of Digalis.

The beach of Drapanias is organized and located between Korfalonas and Nopigia. It spreads over an area of ​​two kilometers and it is essentially the central part of the huge coast that starts from Kissamos and extends to the Cape Rodopou.

Close to the beach of Drapanias you will have the opportunity to see the ruins of the Minoan settlement and the settlement of the classical era. Some researchers say that the ancient city of Mithimna used to exist at the exact same location.

Drapanias is well developed. At the village you will find several hotels but also resorts, and of course food of excellent taste and quality as well as drink in the numerous restaurants and cafes that are available. Near the village there are even two well organized campsites.

If you ever visit Drapanias, do not forget to visit the mansion of the Venetian dignitary Trevisan in neighboring village of Kokkino Metochi. Near the village you will also be able to see Makri Spileo, a cave at the entrance of which there is a chapel dedicated to Jesus Christ.

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