Kokkino Metoxi

Kokkino Metoxi is a small lowland village with about 65 inhabitants, located in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Chania, in the gulf of Kissamos. It is just five km from Kastelli and 35km from Chania. It has a beautiful beach and is very close to the village Drapanias, one of the tourist resorts of Kissamos.

In place Trevizana in Kokkino Metoxi, are survived the ruins of the Venetian villa Trevisan. It was two floors and the ground floor was used as a warehouse, while the floor as a residence. The crest of the Venetian house of Trevisan is still etched above the door of the villa, which is a very good model of country house of the 16th century in Crete.

Later, with the domination of the Turks in Chania, the area was a dependency of Ibrahim Softas and the Villa Trevisan in Kokkino Metoxi was used as tower of a Turkish lord and bastion against Cretan rebels.

Today, the villa Trevisan in Kokkino Metoxi, stands proud, reminding in everyone its glorious past. Although, there are only the exterior walls, the stone staircase, vaulted entrances and beautiful carved windows make the villa the major attraction not only of the village, but from the whole area around Kokkino Metoxi.

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