As we move south of Agia Irini, at the provincial road of Chania Paleochora, we see Epanochori, a village that belongs to the municipality of East Selinos and offers panoramic view of the White Mountains and the Libyan Sea. Epanochori is inhabited by 170 residents and it is located 40 km southwest of Chania, towards Sougia, which is situated inly 17 km away. Epanochori is the birthplace of Captain Korkidis, a man known for his fights against the Turks.

Epanochori apart from the battles against the Turks has also a share of great significance and interest in recent history. It was completely burned by the German occupiers, who did admit though its beauty and attributed to the village the designation “Painter’s Pit”.

On the central street of the village there are cafes and restaurants, but also a traditional stone made fountain with cold, running water. At Epanochori, a big festival on the 20th of July is held, celebrating the Prophet Elijah.

After Epanochori on the road to Soúgia, you will find the village Prines.

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