Fournoti is a wonderful beach with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters surrounded by pine trees. It is located between Soúgia and Agia Roumeli  and is 57 km away from the city of Chania.

In the middle of Fournoti beach there is a small cave, which will offer you its shade. There you can also camp if you wish. The coast is isolated and it is protected by the Berne Convention, due to the fact that only there you will find the self-sown plant Hypericum aciferum. In Fournoti you will see the many small yellow labels, showing the exact spots where this plant with the yellow flowers grows.

Although Fournoti is just a kilometer and a half from Agia Roumeli, the only way to get there is by sea with your own boat.

Fournoti Beach is an ideal choice if you wish to stay away from the crowds.

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