Gorge Asfendos

The Gorge Asfendo starts from the ruined now village of Asfendos in Sfakia, Chania and after hiking for three hours you reach at Kolokasia, which is also an abandoned settlement in southern Crete.

The road that leads to the beginning of the trail is marked by a traditional stone path. The Gorge Asfendos mainly descends and there are several points with gravel that cause trouble to the hikers.

The trail runs parallel to and 50 meters above the river and from many locations you can admire the beautiful view of the Libyan Sea. The vegetation in the gorge is sparse and mainly restricted to plants such as hollies, while on its rocky slopes grows the Cretan ebony and many aromatic herbs like thyme, oregano, dittany, sage, etc.

Crossing the Gorge Asfendos, you will find the “Spilio of the Shepherd”, a small cave called so by the locals.

Shortly before the end of the route, in a detour before Kolokasia, the church of Agios Antonios is built in the rock with beautiful frescoes. Arriving at the exit of the Gorge Asfendos, you will see the village of Kolokasia or Agios Georgios, as is now the official name of the area.

Characteristic of the buildings of the abandoned village is the vaulted architecture, traditional in Crete, with large arches dividing the rooms of deserted houses.

In about a half mile from the dirt road that starts from there, is the main street of SfakiaFragokastello and the village Agios Nektarios.

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