Gorge Kallikratis

Gorge Kallikratis is located in the south of Chania and is one of the many gorges of the region of Sfakia. Its starting point is the mountain village Kallikratis. The Gorge Kallikratis is relatively small and its traverse takes about 3.5 hours hiking from north to south.

The Gorge Kallikratis ends between the village Patsianos and Kapsodasos, 8 km away from the town of Sfakia. The route is of relatively little difficulty, although the marking is not sufficient, even though it is part of European path E4.

The hiking is possible both in the river bed of the Gorge Kallikratis and parallel to it, since there is a separate path at an elevation of 5.4 meters. Attention is needed in some parts of this route because of the steep slope and gravel.

After reaching midway and following the stone – in some places – path, the view to the Libyan Sea and the plain of Fragokastelo is magnificent. The vegetation in the Gorge Kallikratis is low and consists mainly of shrubs, ebony and sage.


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