Imeri Gramvoussa

Imeri Gramvoussa is a beach situated on the homonymous islet, famous for the fortress standing at a height of 137 meters above the beach.

The island of Imeri Gramvoussa is located 20 km northwest of Kissamos, opposite to the peninsula Gramvoussa and two miles northwest of the lagoon of Balos.

The fortress of Imeri Gramvoussa, built by the Venetians, was a den of pirates and, according to the legend, a great treasure is hidden on the island.

On the south side of the island there are two large bays with a wreck lying between them. The rusty wreck of the ship is now an integral part of the landscape of the beach of Imeri Gramvoussa.

In the bay beneath the fortress (west) hundreds of visitors disembark daily from the boats coming from Kissamos. The journey takes an hour and is a stopover before continuing to Balos.

The tourists that arrive to Imeri Gramvoussa can tour the castle to see the wreck and of course swim in the crystal clear waters of the western bay. The beach has clear blue waters and, depending where you are, sand and slabs. Next to the beach there are some trees which offer shade.

The seabed of Imeri Gramvoussa is excellent and ideal for swimming with a mask. Next to the beach there is a small church of Agioi Apostoli.

You can get food and water from the bar of the boats that bring the tourists. The area has been designated as protected by Natura and that is why there are no other facilities on the island.

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