Kakia Skala Gramvousas

The only beach of Kakia Skala is located at the imposing Cape of Gramvoussa in the northwestern part of Crete. Next to the road that leads to the lagoon of Balos, about four kilometers north of Kalyviani and 10 km northwest of Kissamos, lie the bays of Kakia Skala with the steep cliffs.

In one of these bays there is a lovely small beach with pebbles and gorgeous deep blue waters. This is the only beach of Kakia Skala. The bay is located next to the eastern cliffs of the cape.

A dip in the sea of Kakia Scala is a particularly good idea, especially for those who walk to Balos, since it lies at halfway. However, access to the coast is not easy: the steep cliffs make the descent hard, so you should be especially careful.

There is an easier way to reach the beautiful beach of Kakia Skala, that is by boat from Kissamos.

Be aware that when the winds are strong, the beach of Kakia Skala disappears under water.

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