Kavoussi in Platanos of Chania is a beautiful small village with very green, Venetian buildings and a picturesque small fountain at its center, which is 50 km from Chania and 12 km from Kissamos.

From Kavoussi, the view to the field and the sea – the Gulf of Falasarna – is amazing. Although, it is inhabited by only seven residents, in recent years many visitors are arriving at Kavoussi, as has been developed and for this there you will find to eat and stay.

If you arrive to Kavoussi, you can see traditional homes and have a tour to the small paths leading to the square fountain with the cool drinking water.

In Kavoussi, you can sit and relax, calm down into the nature and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside. Near the square, you will find the tower of the Venetians.

The natural sounds, clean flavors and the close contact with nature will stimulate all your senses. The fantastic sunset on the western side of Crete in Kavoussi will amaze you.

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