Kedrodasos is an amazing beach justly characterized as paradise. It is located 76 kilometers southwest of Chania and just one kilometer west of the famous lagoon of Elafonissi.

Kedrodasos beach is filled with juniper trees that look like cedars, and dunes that remind the tropical beaches of Lebanon. The small cedars that grow there belong to the species Juniperus oxycedrus and Juniperus phoenicea.

If you find yourself on the beach you should remember that these trees are very fragile so be sure not to approach them since they are the gem that makes this place look so magical.

Kedrodasos covers a large area of ​​about 110 acres, it is ideal for camping and is one of the most favorite beaches for nudists. To get there you have to ask what path to take.

There is no infrastructure nearby and that is why this isolated beach is one of the last unspoiled paradises in Europe.

The beach is protected from the winds that usually blow on neighboring Elaphonissos. In recent years the reputation of Kedrodasos was increased as well as the number of visitors.

If you want to stay completely isolated, there are several beaches between Kedrodasos and the church of Agios Ioannis, located about two kilometers to the east. This area is the most isolated version of Kedrodasos with less trees and shade.

The area is ideal for the lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing, as it is usually windy with a low ripple.

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