Kokkina Gremna

The beach of Kokkina Gremna got its name from the large peninsula with the reddish cliffs, at which northern end it is located.

You will find it at the exit of the gorge, which starts from Platanos, Kissamos and ends in the Gulf of Lygeia, 55 km west of Chania.

Kokkina Gremna is a quiet, isolated beach, with sand, rocks and deep, crystal clear waters, ideal for those looking for a beach to relax and be isolated as well as for those loving snorkeling.

The scenery looks tropical and will surely amaze you. It is ideal for camping, but in Kokkina Gremna there is absolutely no infrastructure for visitors. Only the trees that surround the beach, offer their shade…

Access to Kokkina Gremna is not easy, as the dirt road leading there is in bad condition, so you will have to walk. Another dirt road, approximately three kilometers away, connects Kokkina Gremna with Sfinari beach.

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