Drapanias beach is located between Korfalonas and Nopigia, five kilometers  east of Kissamos and 32 km west of Chania. It was named after the village Drapanias which is just one kilometer away from the beach. The western edge of this coast is called Kokino Metoxi.

Drapanias beach – and all neighboring beaches – spread over a large area of two kilometers and is actually the central part of the huge coast starting from Kissamos and extending to Cape of Rodopos.

Drapanias beach is sandy with shallow waters and waves. You can find umbrellas and a shower. In the coastal village there are taverns, cafes and rooms to let. There are also two organized camping sites.

Drapanias is a rich big village that deserves a visit. Nothing can compare to the unique and wonderful landscape of the valley and the bay of Kissamos that you can admire from the hill of Digalis.

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