Kuledes of Askifos

In Askyfou plateau, about 50 km south of Chania and next to the village of Goni, are two of the Turkish Towers of the region of Sfakia, the Kuledes of Askifos. In Turkish, “Kules” means tower, castle. These small fortresses were built by the Turks during the Cretan Revolution of 1866 at strategic points in Sfakia, to control the rebels and their activities.

Kuledes of Askifos were partially destroyed and never restored. These two Turkish Towers were built at a very close distance from each other, on a tall hill located inside the plateau. This explains their panoramic view of the whole valley and the surrounding mountain peaks.

Kuledes of Askifos were constructed during the last years of the Ottoman Rule in Crete. It is said that the Turks never managed to station a sentry in Kuledes of Askifos, since they were repelled by the Sfakians.

You can visit the Kuledes of Askifos if you ever find yourself in Sfakia, as they are both situated close to the road that connects Chania with Chora Sfakion.

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