Limni (Lake)

After Xamoudochori and Zounaki, there is another village known as Limni and it is only 26 km from the center of Chania to the west. You can arrive at this village, if you follow the old national road of Chania – Kissamos and then turn to the left. The houses are built at an altitude of 116 meters above sea level and there are approximately 100 permanent residents.

Olive oil, citrus, wine and avocado are the main products that are locally produced by the permanent population of the village. Coal production is also one of the main occupations of the inhabitants.

Although there is no natural or artificial lake in the region, the designation of the village is Limni, which means lake in Greek. The name is probably associated with the stagnant water at the lower part of the valley (Lower Lake) due to the torrential rainfalls during the winter season.

The central church of the village is the one dedicated to Virgin Mary and it is built at the Upper Limni, on a hill. Around the village of Limni you will also find several other churches.

One of the most beautiful attractions of the village is the location of Lagos or Vrisin, at the Upper Limni, an area of ​​outstanding natural beauty.

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