Lissos Gorge

Next to the small port Sougia of Chania starts the path E4 to Lissos Gorge. The crossing is easy and the hiking takes about a half hour. Its exit ends up in the beautiful ancient city of Lissos.

The Lissos Gorge impresses with its imposing rocky slopes, narrow passages and beautiful view to the Libyan Sea. From some points you can even see Gavdos and its neighboring Gavdopoula.

On the rocky slopes of the Lissos Gorge grows, among others, the aromatic plant of dittany. The landscape is constantly alternated as its rich vegetation is superseded by bare rocks.

Near the end of the route, the port of Ancient Lissos appears, with the very important temple of Asclepius and its mosaic floor. There, you will see the scattered ruins, tombs, Roman theater and the church of Agios Kyrikos, which is built on the location of an early Christian church of 4th-5th century.

At the beautiful beach, you can take swim and then return, either by crossing over the Lissos Gorge, or by boat that you can take from the port to Sougia.

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