The settlement of Loutraki is located 17 miles from the center of Chania, on the road that leads from Kissamos to Gerani, and belongs to the municipality of Platanias. It has about 100 permanent residents and although it has the same name, it is completely different from the popular beach of Loutraki, located to the east of Chania, next to Marathi.

The history of the small village dates back to the 16th century, when it was referred in Venetian documents with the original designation Monodavli, which changed to Loutraki or Loutraka since 1580.

At Loutraki, you will also see the remarkable Cultural Association of Local Improvement, which is housed in the former building of the primary school of the village. The settlement also hosts the only solar power system in the region.

The main temple of Loutraki is the church of the Assumption, where is also built the cemetery of the village. There is also the church of St. Andrew of Crete, which celebrates separately on July 4th, except for November 30.

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