Moni is a small village in the south of Chania, just north of the beach Sougia. Currently residing in the Monastery few elderly and there is only one cafe.

It was one of three martyrs villages as Koustogerako and Livadas, where had been burned and executed many inhabitants by the Germans during the occupation. In Moni, is worth visiting the church of Agios Nikolaos, church that dates to the late 12th century with frescoes by famous painter of western Crete Theodore – Daniel Veneris.

One kilometer from the monastery, following the street before the cafe left, you will find the famous “Pyramid” of Chania. It is an ancient stone cone, with a circumference of 16 meters and a height of almost 5. In its interior has carved a room, which is accessible from anyone by the entrance. Formal surveys or excavations have not been done, so information is limited.

From the monastery, you can visit the Monastery of Panagia Kera, it celebrates annually on 8th of September.

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