A few kilometers above Sougia, on the south coast of Chania is located the village of Livadas, currently has about 15 residents.

Livadas, as well as the neighboring villages, Koustogerako and Moni are three martyr villages of East Selino. During the Second World War, when Crete was under German occupation, these three villages, like many others throughout the island, had burnt down by the conquerors. Many of the inhabitants of Livadas had been executed in cold blood, in retaliation for the Cretan resistance movement at that time.


In the middle of Livadas is located the church of All Saints. This is a two-aisled church with a second festival, the Annunciation. According to the testimonies of the villagers, the Temple was built in 1850. Remarkable is its temple, whose icons have been painted in 1888 by the painter Constantine P. Economou.

Livadas is located in a wooded landscape with cypresses and pines.

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